As a dynamic entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for creating extraordinary experiences, I have founded and nurtured several unique businesses that reflect my diverse interests and dedication to excellence. Each venture embodies a different aspect of my personal brand, bringing together innovation, quality, and a touch of luxury. Below, you'll discover the range of services I offer through my businesses, each designed to enhance your life in remarkable ways.

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Hi, I'm Chlöe DaCosta!



Destination Wedding Planning

Specializing In Topics Such As:

Local Luxury Travel and Hosting Experiences

Entrepreneurship In The Events Industry

Global Event Planning and Management

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My audience is primarily millennial women who are aspiring or new business owners with a desire to travel and work remotely. Insert more information about your audience here, who they are, and how your content is valuable to them.

  • 90% Female, 10% Male
  • Average Audience Age: 27-35
  • 40% USA, 25% Canada, 15% Australia, 12% Europe, 8% Elsewhere

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  • IG Followers At A Glance: 358.7K
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  • Pinterest Followers At A Glance: 258.7K
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  • Youtube Subscribers At A Glance: 120K
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  • Email Subscribers: 60K
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