May 22, 2024


Unveiling the Secret Sauce: My Event Planning Essentials


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It's nice to meet you! I'm a Jamaican entrepreneur known for orchestrating unforgettable global events and embracing the beauty of life's simple pleasures.

I'm Chlöe!

Hey there, fellow event enthusiasts! Today, I’m spilling the tea on my go-to event planning essentials that keep me sane, smiling, and smashing it at every event. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these tried-and-true tools are sure to become your new best friends in the whirlwind world of event planning.

Battery Pack (Anker 20,000 watts)

Let’s kick things off with the unsung hero of event planning – the trusty battery pack. Picture this: you’re knee-deep in coordinating chaos, and suddenly, your phone dies. Cue the panic, right? Not for me, thanks to my Anker battery pack. With enough juice to power up my devices multiple times over, I’m always ready to take on whatever tech emergency comes my way.

Fanny Pack (Nike High Tech Pack)

Say goodbye to the days of lugging around a bulky briefcase – it’s all about the fanny pack now, baby! My Nike High Tech Pack is like Mary Poppins’ bag on steroids, holding everything from event schedules and walkie-talkies to emergency snacks and maybe even a magic wand or two (a planner can dream, right?).

Black Wide Rim Visor

Outdoor events are a blast, but let’s face it – the sun can be a real buzzkill. That’s where my trusty wide rim visor comes in. Not only does it shield my eyes from the blinding rays, but it also adds a touch of flair to my event-day ensemble. Who says sun protection can’t be stylish?

Puma Sneakers

Comfort is key when you’re constantly on the move, and my Puma sneakers are like clouds for my feet. Whether I’m sprinting between venues or doing the electric slide on the dance floor, these kicks keep me comfy and cool while still looking fly.

Walkie Talkie

Communication is key when you’re orchestrating an event, and a trusty walkie-talkie is my lifeline. With its crackling static and no-nonsense chatter, it’s like being part of a top-secret spy mission – minus the espionage (usually).


Let’s be real – event planning is basically a marathon disguised as a sprint. That’s where my Fitbit comes in handy. From tracking my steps to reminding me to take a breather and drink some water, this little gadget keeps me on track and feeling like a boss.


Long hours and high-stress situations can take a toll on the body, which is why I never leave home without a stash of painkillers in my fanny pack. A quick pop of a pill, and suddenly, the world is a much less headache-inducing place.


When the going gets tough, the tough reach for EmergenC. Packed with enough vitamins and minerals to make a superhero jealous, this fizzy drink mix is like a burst of energy in a packet. Plus, it’s a great excuse to take a break and enjoy a little pick-me-up.

Water Bottle

Hydration is key when you’re hustling from one end of the venue to the other, which is why my trusty water bottle is always by my side. Whether I’m sipping between meetings or chugging on the go, staying hydrated keeps me feeling fresh and focused.


Last but certainly not least, we have the unsung hero of outdoor events – sunblock. Because let’s be real – nobody likes a sunburned event planner. With SPF protection on lock, I can soak up the sun without worrying about skin irritation.

Here are my go-to sunblocks:

… So there you have it – my event planning essentials and survival kit, revealed!

With these essentials by your side, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge and create unforgettable experiences for your clients and guests alike. Here’s to staying organized, staying stylish, and staying one step ahead of the chaos!

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