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Luxe Escapes: Unveiling Negril’s Top 5 Hidden Gems


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Welcome to a world of opulence and discovery in Negril, Jamaicaa paradise where luxury meets adventure at every turn. Prepare to indulge your senses and elevate your travel experience as we unveil the top 5 places you simply can’t miss during your visit to this tropical oasis.

Tiki Hut Lunch Tour

Embark on a culinary journey like no other with an exclusive Tiki Hut Lunch Tour to Booby Cay Island. Picture this: a 2.5-hour excursion to a secluded island paradise, where you’ll be treated to a mouthwatering lunch prepared by our private chefs.

Savor fresh, locally sourced ingredients served picnic-style on the island’s pristine shores, while indulging in all-you-can-drink Red Stripes, rum punches, and refreshing waters. It’s a feast for the senses you won’t soon forget. Learn more about Tiki Hut Lunch Tour

Miss Lily’s at Skylark

Step off the white sands of Seven Mile Beach and into the vibrant ambiance of Miss Lily’s at Skylark Negril Beach Resort. Here, modern island cooking meets laid-back Caribbean charm in a setting that’s as colorful as it is inviting.

Indulge in smoked and seasoned chicken, pork, and fish straight from our on-display jerk smokehouse, paired with classic fixings of “yard” cuisine. After sunset, check out the beachside bar for a taste of the Caribbean’s finest rums and nightly DJs spinning the latest reggae beats.

You must try my personal favourites! Toasted banana bread with breakfast, coconut-crusted corn with lunch, and the Jerk Chicken pasta for dinner! Tell them Chloe sent you! Discover Miss Lily’s at Skylark

Kenny’s Italian Cafe

Transport yourself to the streets of Europe with a visit to Kenny’s Italian Cafe, where roadside charm meets authentic Italian cuisine. Owner Kenny Johnson’s passion for Italian fare shines through in every dish, from perfectly crafted pizzas to homemade pastas.

Sit back, relax, and savor the flavors of Italy against the backdrop of Jamaica’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality. On Friday nights, Kenny’s converts into a outdoor club that both locals and tourists enjoy. Yummy pizza and amazing cocktails on a Friday night?? Don’t mind if I do! Explore Kenny’s Italian Cafe

Murphy’s Fish

This family-run restaurant has been preparing delicious food for over 20 years. Murphy’s West End Restaurant brings fresh flavor from the garden, the coop, and the Sea. Expect bold flavors from the kitchen. The setting is not extravagant but modestly Jamaican. They are famous for their Jerk Lobster, Curry Shrimp and Fish and Delicious “Devil Chicken” (BBQ).

Don’t miss the aromatic Indian curried goat served with roti – a true taste of Jamaica’s rich culinary heritage. Visit Murphy’s Restaurant

Chill Pops

Cool off in style with a visit to Chill Pops, your go-to destination for artisanal frozen treats in Negril. Indulge in one-of-a-kind popsicles and soft serve delights made from locally sourced ingredients, including some daring alcohol-infused options.

Whether you’re craving a guilt-free treat or a decadent indulgence, Chill Pops has something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Find out more about Chill Pops

Extra Tip: Rhea Imani

For a touch of local flair and sustainable fashion, be sure to check out Rhea Imani, a standout resort and swimwear designer based in Negril. Rhea Imani is more than just a clothing brand; it’s a celebration of women’s creativity, resilience, and the enduring bond of sisterhood. Their pieces are not just garments; they are expressions of identity and symbols of collective strength.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning swimsuit or a chic resort wear piece, Rhea Imani offers something truly special. Explore Rhea Imani

So there you have it – Negril’s top 5 hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

From culinary adventures to seaside delights, each experience promises to elevate your journey and leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Are you ready to embark on your own luxury escape?

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