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As a dynamic entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for creating extraordinary experiences, I have founded and nurtured several unique businesses that reflect my diverse interests and dedication to excellence. Each venture embodies a different aspect of my personal brand, bringing together innovation, quality, and a touch of luxury.

Below, you'll discover the range of products and services I offer through my businesses, each designed to enhance your life in remarkable ways.

Welcome to my world of multi-passionate entrepreneurship

Explore ChloMo Projects

ChloMo Projects and Events are architects of unparalleled experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Our expertise lies in the art of creating unforgettable events and seamlessly managing projects with a keen focus on delivering extraordinary outcomes. Our dedication to perfection ensures that each occasion and project we handle not only meets but exceeds expectations.

ChloMo Projects & Events

Event Management, Destination Wedding Planning, Project Management, Event Production, Event Design

What We Do:
  • Curate weddings that create lasting memories that tell your love story
  • Craft outstanding experiences with unmatched service standards
  • Project managers who build momentom while streamlining your workflow
  • Event design with a commitment to perfection

Who It's For:
  • Couples planning their destination dream wedding
  • Corporate clients that need the ultimate partner
  • Anyone looking to have unparalleled experiences that transcend the ordinary
  • Couples planning their dream destination wedding to become a reality

Explore Above the bar ja

In collaboration with my visionary assistant Tiffany, we embarked on a journey to redefine the bar service landscape. Drawing from her keen insights and my passion for delivering excellence, we recognized a demand for more than just a standard bar. Together, we saw an opportunity to create something truly exceptional. Thus, Above the Bar JA was born, a testament to our shared commitment to crafting custom cocktails, sourcing top-of-the-line furniture and glassware, and, above all, orchestrating unforgettable experiences for our clients. 

In her memory, we honor Tiffany's indelible contribution to our journey. Though she may no longer walk alongside us, her spirit remains woven into the fabric of Above the Bar JA, guiding us as we continue to craft extraordinary experiences for our clients. 

Above The Bar Ja

Luxury Bar Services

What We Do:
  • Provide luxury bar services for events
  • Craft bespoke cocktails tailored to each client's preferences and event theme
  • Source premium, high-quality ingredients and spirits to elevate the taste and experience
  • Offer professional mixologists and bartenders trained in the art of cocktail creation and presentation.
  • Curate themed bar experiences, such as whiskey tastings, champagne bars, or tropical cocktail lounges

Who It's For:
  • Corporate event planners looking to impress clients and colleagues with upscale cocktail experiences.
  • Destination wedding couples seeking a unique and memorable bar service for their special day
  • Individuals hosting private parties and gatherings at their residences

Your Wedding BFF is your ultimate guide to planning a beautiful and seamless wedding in Jamaica. We provide a comprehensive suite of downloadable resources tailored to every aspect of the wedding planning process. From the moment you say "yes" to the final steps of saying "I do," we are here to support and guide you through every stage of your journey.

Your Wedding BFF

Destination Wedding Resource

What We Do:
  • Offer In-Depth Guides: Detailed resources on wedding venues, vendor selection, and legal requirements for getting married in Jamaica.
  • Provide Insider Secrets: Tips and advice on booking hotels, navigating local customs, and making the most of your destination wedding.
  • Streamline Planning: Easy-to-use checklists, timelines, and budgeting tools to keep your planning process organized and stress-free.
  • Personalized Support: Tailored advice and support through our downloadable guides, ensuring you have all the information you need to make your wedding day perfect.

Who It's For:
  • Engaged Couples: Brides and grooms planning their dream wedding in Jamaica.
  • Destination Wedding Planners: Professionals seeking reliable resources to assist their clients in planning a Jamaican wedding.
  • Wedding Enthusiasts: Anyone interested in learning more about planning a wedding in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Explore Your wedding BFF

Driven by a frustration with the lack of hunting gear tailored for women that didn't compromise on functionality or resort to stereotypical pink accents, I embarked on a mission to create my own line.

As an avid dove hunter known affectionately as 'Bush Wife' among my circle for my exceptional care for friends and my prowess in the wilderness, I crafted high-performance, stylish attire designed specifically for women who refuse to settle for anything less than top-notch camouflage and comfort. What started as a personal solution quickly evolved into Bush Wife, a brand that empowers women to conquer the great outdoors with confidence and style.

Bush Wife

Female Hunting Gear

What We Do:
  • Design high-performance hunting gear tailored specifically for women.
  • Prioritize functionality without compromising on style
  • Offer a range of camouflaged apparel, including high-waisted pants/joggers for a comfortable fit
  • Provide an alternative to traditional hunting attire with no pink accents.
  • Empower women to embrace their love for the outdoors with confidence and flair.

Who It's For:
  • Women who are passionate about hunting and outdoor activities.
  • Individuals seeking hunting gear designed with their comfort and fit in mind.
  • Anyone looking to express their love for nature through their attire without compromising on performance.

Explore Bush Wife

Shop Your Coastal Retreat

Your Coastal Retreat is a brand founded by my sister and I, dedicated to bringing the luxury and elegance of resort style to your swimwear collection. Our pieces are designed to make you feel confident and stylish, whether you're lounging by the pool or exploring exotic beaches. Each collection is thoughtfully crafted to combine comfort, style, and sustainability.

Your Coastal Retreat

Resort Style Swimwear

What We Do:
  • Design and sell resort style swimwear
  • Offer a range of swimsuits and beachwear that blend luxury with comfort

Who It's For:
  • Fashion-forward individuals seeking high-quality swimwear
  • Travelers looking for stylish beach attire
  • Anyone who loves to feel glamorous by the water

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